Meet ‘Naveen Kumar’ A Hyderabadi Social Entrepreneur Who’s Idea is Saving Farmers & Their Farms

2016, Warangal district ki chendina Naveen tana oorilo droughts reason tho, profits raka, crop ki purugu pattadam, appulu cheyadam avi tirchaleka chanipovadam, Ila farmers chnaipovadam chusadu. Ila continue ga two three incidents chusina Naveen raithu lu chanipovadam chusi, diniki oka solution kanipettali, raithu lu chanipokunda emaina cheyali anukunnadu.

Naveen kumar hyderabad enterpuner

Kani Naveen ki agriculture mida kani farming mida zero knowledge kani ivevi athadini apaledu. Warangal lo start chesi Telangana lo unna different regions lo tirgadsam start chesadu. Prathi village lo farmers ni meet avadam crops, farming, drought situations lo villu face chestunna problems gurunchi adigi telusukunnadu.

na panta app by naveen kumar

Ala ee MBA graduate farmers face chestunna frequents problems ki solutions ni vethike panilo paddadu. Agriculture books, research info, YouTube videos, internet lo available unna source tho agriculture mida basic knowledge gain chesadu. 2017 June lo farmers kosam ‘Na Panta’ ane mobile app Ni launch chesadu Naveen.

vivek kumar hyderabad social entrepreneur team

“NaPanta – app provides all farming-related information and communication in Telugu on a single platform, is significantly reducing the time and cost of cultivation for a farmer in real time”.

Ila ee app gurunchi farmers andariki cheppi vari mobiles lo ee app install chesi agriculture ki use inputs and videos ee app lo pettadam dwara Naveen farmers kallalo oka velugu chusadu.

social entrepreneur

Okaru iddaru tho start aina ee app mellaga, appude Jio network ravadam thk migatha farmers ki reach avadam lo ekkuva time pattaledu. Whatsapp, FB lo ee app gurunchi posts peduthu viral chesi ippativaraku1.24 lakh farmers in both Telangana and Andhra Pradesh lo ee app ni use chese la chesadu Naveen.

Ee app use cheyadam dwara farmers started saving 20 per cent on expenditure and get 10 per cent extra yield then before. Mana government ippatiki enno farming apps introduce chesina viti anniti kante kuda ‘NaPanta’ is different as covering the entire gamut of agriculture activity ranging from selection of crops to locate the market offering highest price for their produce.

The app has tools like crop expenditure (which helps farmers track their expenses in an organized manner), crop protection, weekly agro advisory, agri forum, market price, agri e-commerce, crop insurance, weather, food processing technologies, and soil testing information.

Ive kakunda farmers can can also buy or rent an agri-equipment as per the requirements of his crop cycle and can also sell his produce for the highest price without any brokers or agents.

Prasthutham Telugu and English languages lo app complete pest and disease management details provide cheyadam tho patu covering 90 crops and 3,000 pesticide products info kuda ee app lo undi.

Naveen said several states including Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu were showing interest in the platform. The app will be available in Hindi and Tamil in June-July this year.

Ila Naveen ki vachina ee small thought ‘NaPanta’ app dwara ee roju endaro farmers ki helpful avtundi Inka endariko avtadi kuda. Eh Manaki enduku le ee raithulu ani anukokunda Naveen laga mana youth kuda Naveen Ni impairing ga tisukjni farmers kosam edaina chesthe vallu baguntaru, Manam baguntamu, society bagutundi and better tomorrow will happens when people think like Naveen.

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