Navratri : These 9 things are Bound to Happen During Dandiya


Everywhere you see, its all colourful! The 9 day long festival of Navratri has come and all the schools/colleges seem abandoned. Its time to go frivolous with your friends and have no ropes attached. Shopping from ghagras, matching accessories, matching footwear to taking selfies, having loads of food, dandiya and garba dances and what not. In south, another thing added is storming to the movie halls. Its a total madness of celebration all across the country.

Now dandiya being one major occasion for everyone to flock their dancing skills with their ethnic wear and swing to those resounding beats with thousands of people around, we are bound to come across few things that will definitely happen. What are they??

1. GIRLS!!!! Its time to go Backless!!
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For the girls, the major ingredient during Dandiya is to dress your best in different kinds of ghagras and lehengas showcasing your backs and if possible getting a temporary tattoo that speaks your personality or just some random tattoo to decorate your back. Guys, get ready to be blown away!



Not sure how many guys are ready to be as enthusiastic about dandiya and garba as the girls are, but if you are getting to hit on some hot girls who will be seen traditionally hot, yes this is the time. Now, be careful, its a goddess festival. You could become a Mahishasura if you go overboard.




Dussera is meant to spend money in loads. From shopping for clothes to getting a facial and hairstyle before every dandiya night. Beauty parlors will have an orgasm time.

4. Hey, can you lend me one ‘dandiya stick’?

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You just got ready to dance and one unexpected friend or a person with a broad smile comes and asks you ‘can you lend me one dandiya stick?’. Now you aren’t sure how much you are going to enjoy your dandiya, because it just got handicapped.

5. A Gujju lead dancer in every batch

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Before you wish your Gujju friend, he owns the festival. While on the way to dandiya, she/he will give his bytes of dandiya experience and the basic things to follow during a dandiya.

6. That person who keeps dashing/stamping your foot.



Now, not everyone is a perfect dancer. And dandiya is once in a year danced genre. These people are mostly strangers who stumble upon you in circles and stamp your foot after which they would say sorry and by then they are already hitting the next person.

7. Ohhh My God!! Sweat!!!


The only part we wouldn’t enjoy during the dandiya is the sweating part. With thousands of people around you it really gets quite suffocated and if your odour isn’t good, am sorry. Don’t dance much, chances of scoring someone will get quite less.

8. After the intense dancing – ‘I am Hungry!! Let’s go for some late night food’



This is the best part after some intense dancing. You will run where there is

Once the festival is over, you will know to yourself that it was a great work out session because you are freaking tired and drained out.

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