Biryani Lovers Find Your Solace At Nayeem’s Biryani Point In Periamet

You will find people waiting in queues for hours just to get their hands on a pack of this amazing biryani being served at Nayeem Biryani Point.

Founded in 1996 this 23 years old, biryani spot has the same demand as it on the day it was started. “I have nearly 35 years of experience in biryani making and the advantage to me being the owner and chef is I know exactly the preferences of the customer which gives me the chance to fulfill the needs of every biryani lover.” quoted Nayeem.

1 Nayeem Biryani Point“A few stores add a lot of Masala and a few add a lot of ingredients which sometimes cause a lot of stomach issues and gastric issues because of the excess oil and spices. But for me I use natural and fresh ingredients to keep the dish as authentic and true as I possibly could,” added Nayeem.

We started this journey about 22 years ago cooking just about 2 kgs of food per day which gradually rose to 5kg and now we prepare about 100 kgs of biryani per day on a normal day which goes to 200 kgs on Sundays.

2 Nayeem Biryani PointWhen asked about the prep time required anna while chopping the veggies stated, to open the store to a huge customer base at 11:30 am we begin our prep at 9:30 am in the morning and are good to go when we open.

We serve about 200 people in the house per day besides having about 100 or more packages being delivered just out of the Periamet branch in Chennai.

3 Nayeem Biryani PointWhat began in one small room which has now expanded to three branches of deliciousness being served to numerous people over the years.

Besides biryani, the kebabs at Nayeemanna’s place is a must-try for all the foodies out there…

5 Nayeem Biryani PointSo head over to Nayeem Biryani Point and share you’re experience with us

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