Netgear announced Water-resistant satellite to extend your Wi-Fi network range to outside.


The name “Netgear” is famous for its Hardware Wi-Fi routers with wide range of Network bandwidth and now the Netgear announced its water-resistant Satellite named “ORBI” which will extend your Wi-Fi network to your surroundings like back-yard, swimming pool side and to terrace by installing these ORBI satellite routers.wifiHave you ever worried with Wi-Fi network issues while watching Hotstar, youtube, Amazon Prime and Netflix when you are outside the home like having fun in pool or in the backyard or on the top o the terrace? Yes i have faced many times getting a single bar of WiFi on my mobile makes me irritated with slow connection and buffering but i am feeling lucky now with the Netgear’s “Orbi” satellite router.
This Netgear’s “Orbi” satellite router will extend your actual Netgear router to all your home which spreads the range to 2,500 square feats which is water-resistant and fog-resistant.
This “Orbi” can be managed via mobile App which is available on both Android and iOS, we can control the signal ranges and can connect or disconnect to all devices like computers, mobiles, Home Pods, Speakers and Cameras.2 Extend your Wi-Fi network with “Orbi”Unlike other Wi-Fi range extenders, the Orbi Outdoor Satellite creates and utilizes dedicated bandwidth to exchange data with your router (which you can connect to any modem). This proprietary technology, called FastLane3, means your outdoor devices will still access the highest possible internet speed.
The router and Satellite also operate a single network name, meaning you won’t have to disconnect and reconnect as you change locations.3 Extend your Wi-Fi network with “Orbi”This is under sale on Netgear’s official website only in US, soon they are going make it available to everyone and this isn’t cheap it costs $330 and the usage of this Orbi is not needed for everyone, but it is worthy cool gadget to office spaces like Tamada Media where bunch of people will work on different platforms.
The company was recently named a CES 2018 Innovation Awards Honoree for the Orbi Outdoor Satellite as well as a wire-free security camera, security light, 5G mobile hotspot router, and wifi access management app. These products will be on display at CES 2018, Jan. 9-12 and Stay tuned to Wirally Tech for more Tech Stories.