New iPhone will not have 3.55 mm audio jack?

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Apple, the company that leaves its competitors far behind when it comes to innovations, is rumoured to leave out the 3.55 mm universal audio jack from its new iPhone models, set to be announced in 2016.

This might be a major disappointment for many, but Apple has its reasons to leave the 3.55 mm jack from its new iPhone models.

Way back in 2007, Apple products like the iPhone and iPod had a different audio jack. However after much criticism, it reverted to the 3.5 mm universal standard jack in 2008. However, it has its own reasons for doing this.

Most importantly, Apple wants to provide just one jack for all three needs – phone charging, audio, and data transfer. This new ‘lightning port’ will also help Apple in its aim of making its flagship phones lighter and thinner.

The new lightning port is rumoured to be 2.5 mm thick, and this gives Apple greater control with app-enabled headphones. For those who use a regular 3.5 mm jack, you’ll need an adapter, like in the old days of iPhone and iPods.

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