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This New Kabali Poster Simply Takes Your Breath Away!!


When it comes to strutting a swag and throwing an important punchline, who better than Superstar Rajinikanth? Ever since the film Kabali’s first teaser has touched the mass market, the Aam Janta has highly OD’d with a typical Rajini mania, once again. The expectations from this film are sky rocketing, especially ever since his last film Lingaa did not manage to satiate all the five senses of a usually pepped up Thalaivar fan. Sane enough, this insanity deserves whole nine yards of acceptance in the society – Rajini films set better lessons to the society than that of Sunny Leone’s.

Now, the production unit of Kabali has launched brand new poster of the movie that had sparked off discussions across. There is the good old Rajini, and then the pretty actress Radhika Apte. But the highlight this time is an actor from China, Wilson Choa. Who is Choa and what is he doing here in Tamil, one wonders aloud. Predictably, he must be playing the bad guy.

Interestingly, Rajini plays his age on screen. The look, the style and the attitude as such has left an impeccable impression even on the non-Tamil speakers who took to switching their display pictures on Facebook and Whatsapp instantly. We have the Rajini charm to blame at. Always happens, always.

The film’s music will be unveiled on June 12th, over a grand audio function. Talented Santhish Narayanan has composed the music for the film. Even though the actual film release date is still unknown, sources say sometime fast enough.

The poster speaks everything Hollywoodish, Such kind of dose is scary for a fan who is waiting for an explosion to happen on the screen. What if the ‘Fox 3’ fails to fire as expected? Putting aside the fears and anxiety, let us relish the possible oncoming heavy duty entertainment.


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