Checkout The New ‘Mauka Mauka’ Ad Which Comes With A Savage Father’s Day Twist

Normal ga India vs Pakistan, ee two countries madhya match ante almost oka war environment la untadhi. Normal match lake ilanti situations unte ika World Cup lo Ind vs Pak match ante war almost oka mini yuddham eh. Kani ippati varaku World Cup tournaments lo Pak eppudu India meedha okkati ante okka match kuda gelvaledhu, adhi mana Indian team all time record.

Aithe ee sari world cup lo kuda Ind vs Pak match June 16th undhi, ippudu ee match kosam andaru eager ga wait chestunaru. Kani match kante mundu andaru eager ga wait chesedi ‘Mauka Mauka’ commercial ad kosam. Final ga andaru wait chese mana favourite ‘Mauka Mauka’ commercial ad ni star sports vallu release chesaru. In this ad two sons (Bangladesh fand and Pakistan fan) waiting for  ‘mauka mauka’ moment. . Indulo younger brother okaru this is 7th time we are going win or not? In reply he tells father told me that….. ani reply iucche gap lo, Indian jersey lo unna fan ‘nenu eppudu’ cheppanu ra antadu.

And Ad ends with ‘This Father’s Day who’ll be the father?’ ani end avtundi. Ee crazy Ad Indians ki full nacchindi, Internet lo ‘Baap re Baap’ ane hashtag tho unna ee ad ni thega share chestunaru.

Story Behind ‘Mauka Mauka’ & How it all started ?

World Cup Tournament lo India meedha Pak gelvali ani wait chese oka pakistan young boy match ki mundu crackers tho ready avthadu. Kani match lost avadam tho a crackers next time ki pettukuntadu. Ala 1992 nundi 2015 varaku wait chesina boy kastha father avthadu, kani Pak mathram gelvadhu. Ika a pillodu some years nundi aa crackers tho wait chesthu unde ad prathi sari Ind vs Pak World Cup match ki mundhu stream avthune undi Pak odipothune undi.

Hope India will win against Pak and prove ‘Baap Baap hi Hota Hein’ aur ‘Beta Beta Hi Hota Hein’ on this Father’s Day which is on 16th of June.

#MaukaMauka #BaapBaapHiHothaHein !

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