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5 New Shows And Films Releasing On Netflix In April 2020


Another day stuck in the lockdown just passes by, and you’re stuck at home wondering what to do with all of this free time, the only way to escape everything that’s going on in the real world is to enter a fictional world by binge-watching shows and movies, and with a lot of time on our hands, now more than ever, getting new shows is surely the best news that we’ve gotten in a while, we have made a list of some of the new shows and films you can binge-watch in April, let’s take a look at them.

Money Heist Part 4

Money Heist Part 4The super hit Spanish Tv series is back again with a 4th season this time, just like Part 3, Part 4 is also going to have eight episodes, Season 4 is coming out on April 3rd 2020, and by the looks of it, we’re going to pick up from the cliffhanger ending of the last season.

Sincerely Yours – Kanan Gill

One of India’s top comedians is finally making his Netflix debut, Kanan Gill has been touring the entire world with his latest special, and it looks like it is now ready to be released on Netflix, his last special Keep it Real was released on Amazon Prime to critical acclaim, and by looking at the reviews of his live shows, this one seems to even better, Sincerely Yours is releasing on April 4th 2020.

Two and a Half Men

One of the most popular and successful sitcoms is now going to be on Netflix now, the series stars Charlie Sheen, Jon Cryer, and Angus T. Jones, and is full of hilarious moments which are going to make you laugh out loud, the series consists of 12 seasons, which are going to keep you occupied for a long time. Two and a Half Men releases on April 1st 2020.

Sunderland Till I Die

Are you a football freak? Then you’re certainly going to be excited for this and considering all football leagues have been cancelled, you must be itching to watch football, Sunderland Till I Die can help you with that, it is the second season of the Docu-series, and covers the fall of the English club, Sunderland, during the 2017-2018 season which saw them being relegated. Sunderland Till I Die releases on April 1st 2020.

Big Show Show

The Big Show Show is an American sitcom television series, which stars the WWE wrestler, Big Show, as it shows his biggest challenge, of raising his three daughters with his wife in Florida, The 10-episode live-action series is produced by WWE Studios, and will release on Netflix on April 6th 2020.

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