Nirbhaya Rapist Walks Free due to India’s Juvenile Laws

The juvenile who has been charged for taking part in the gruesome Nirbhaya gangrape case, has been released. He was released on Sunday and is under supervision at an NGO.

The Supreme Court squashed an appeal by the Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) against the release of the juvenile, whose name is still not known to the world.

Stating the country’s juvenile laws as the reason, the Supreme Court informed the DCW that its hands were tied. “We share your concern but our hands are tied by the existing law. There has to be clear legislative sanction to extend the detention period beyond 3 years. Under the present law, detention cannot be extended beyond three years,” the top court said.

The Nirbhaya Gangrape, which occurred in December 2012, shook the entire nation. It made the country wake up to the menace of rapes and assaults against women. The decision by the Supreme Court has sparked an outrage all over the country, as it has been established that the juvenile was the most violent among all the rapists.

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