9 Things only a non-vegetarian and vegetarian couple will relate to


We find soul mates not with respect to food but definitely kalisi undali ante tinali. Alanti apudu oka non vegetarian and vegetarian kalisi unte chaala kashtam food daggara. It is fun and irritating at the same time.

1. There are constant debates on paneer and chicken. Edi delicious untadi ani pedda fight.1-chicken-paneer

2. Paneer okkate kaadu. Soya chunks ni kuda non veg tho compare chestharu. So debate again.2-Paneer,-Soya-Chunks-and-Peas

3. Oka restaurant ki veldham ante.. one dish isn’t sufficient. Twp people ki 2 separate menus kavali.3.-Oka-restaurant

4. Oka hotel lo oka starter chepthe..the vegetarian will get to share with the other one kani non veg matram share cheyyamu. Motham one person tinali.4.-Oka-hotel-lo-oka-starter

5. And ade kids unte.. there is debate again on letting them have non veg or not letting them have.5-5.-And-ade-kids-unte

6. We also get chances to show love to our partners. Oka manchi weekend vaallaki nachina veg or non veg dish ni cook cheyyandi chaalu..padipotharu.6.-We-also-get-chances

7. Edaina restaurant lo tinali ankunte..we make sure we go in big groups. So that we get to order satisfactorily.7.-Edaina-restaurant

8. There is fight for the protein of the day.. one person says it to be paalakura and the other says it is chicken!8.-There-is-fight

9. Bayataki velle mundu..hotel decision is very difficult.9.-Bayataki-velle-mundu..hotel