North Korea Scientists Claim To Have Invented ‘Hangover-Free’ Liquor


Scientists in Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea, claim to have invented a type of liquor that does not induce hangovers.

Hangovers have traditionally been a pain-point for drinkers, and while this news is likely to spread a smile across the faces of billions of people worldwide, one can’t really take North Korea very seriously. The country is the only remaining country in the world that has no contact with the rest of the world.

Also, their scientists regularly come up with weird announcements. A few years ago, they claimed to have found the cure for AIDS and SARS. In fact, this ‘hangover-free liquor’ is claimed to be extracted from the same plant – ginseng – that was said to be used for the cure to AIDS.

The scientists also claim that the drink uses glutinous rice instead of sugar, which causes the liquor to be absolutely ‘hangover-free’. The name of the alcohol is ‘Koryo Liquor’, and the local North Korean media claims that it is being loved by experts and users alike.

However, if you wish to taste a sample of the drink, you stand no chance! North Korea doesn’t promote tourism in anyway, nor does it engage in business with the rest of the world. So till the day we have such alcohol in our country, please help yourself to some rum and pray to God that you don’t get a hangover.

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