Nostalgic Dose Of These 15 Advertisements In The 90’s Is Pretty Damn High!

Television advertisements have always played a huge deal in our lives. Specifically in India, they have an everlasting impact on our culture, language and nostalgic thought process, apart from market trends. Below are a few of them, which truly established the advertisment market in India.

Kya Swaad Hai Zindagi Ka!

Much before Silk became the niche standard for Dairy Milk, and Kiss Me, Close Your Eyes..became like a youth jingle, and way before Vani Kapoor very expertly plucked the Dairy Milk from her unassuming collegue, there was this ad, of a lady dancing in rejoice over a cricket match. Oh you’ll remember the dance. I betcha.

Hamara Bajaj

Well, there was a time before Apache RTRs revving on a race circuit, or Pulsors showing off their insane stunts, not to forget Priyanka going why should boys have all the fun ( seriously, bro she’s having way more fun than any of us on Earth ). That was the time of Bajaj scooters, which we used to KickStart, and if it didn’t start, , bend the scooter, hold for a minute, and again KickStart.

Lijjat Papad…Ehhehhee..!!

Ok, I find the talking puppet a bit creepy now that I’ve seen it after 20 years. But to be fair, It was quite popular, and became unanimous with Papads. Though, I still don’t understand why we don’t get those papads any more. I mean, there are no Dominoes Papads right? Anyways, I’ll stop my nonsense, and let you watch the ad.

Pan Parag Pan Masala 

Hume kya pata tha ki aap pan parag ke shaukeen hai..!! I don’t know how that worked for the masses, but the fact is, it did. And ladke vale being adamant over serving Pan Parag to all the baraati’s, is so epic that you’ll be highly nostalgic or immensely tickled. Check It out then because aren’t we all shaukeen bro..!!

Dabur Lal Dant Manjan :

Kya Aapke ToothPaste me namak hai? Dude Please, this Lal Dant Majan ad beats it out of the park. This advertisement, has a whole character dynamics going for it. It tries to address many issues in one.  A master who has no clue about his teeth, a show off student and a shop keeper who is literally distributing the product and societal pressure as well, all wrapped in a minute long ad. Go on then, watch out for chamkeele daanth

Utterly Butterly Amul :

So the girl hasn’t grown one bit. Probably the first cartoon character to endorse a product.The polka dotted dress, blue hair, and pony tail, mascot of Amul is still a regular feature in leading news papers and magazines. Go ahead and go utterly butterly. Nostalgic level – SkyHigh

Surf Ki Kharidari Me Hi Samjhdari Hai..

Ok, seriously this ad left me in splits., seriously. So I’ll tell you how the ad goes. The voice over basically asks questions to Lalitha ji, and she promptly answers them, in a classic viva voce scenario. Talk of breaking the fourth wall…Sorry DeadPool, we did it first. Actually, washed it in Surf. Check it out..

Maggi Noodles..!!

This started everything. Oh I’ll venture on to say that, the noodles swirling around a fork in this ad, was your David Blaine moment back then. VFX had been newly introduced and the options were still being explored, but this ad, I must say did a pretty good job of it. Aren’t we all relieved that Maggi is back. I sure am.

I’m a Complan Human..!!

Dig this. So we have an advertisement targeted at Indian masses, but made entirely in English. Starring Shahid Kapoor, and Ayesha Takia, in titular roles, playing, jumping and basically doing everything to imply their super growth and super strength, this ad had a long lasting effect which probably only Boost overhauled with the ‘it’s my energy’ slogan. Nostalgia Level – Interstellar

Archies To The Rescue !!

Damn, I’m feel so old now. This ad, even I couldn’t remember, until the visual shot up, where the girl is super impressed by the guy when he gets down on his knees and well, shows her an Archie heart. Oh, I’m telling you, if this doesn’t get you nostalgic, I’m afraid nothing else will.

FewiKwik..Chutki me Chipkai..!!

Well, true to its word, even today its practically very hard to get FeviKwik, off your skin. And I didn’t really get this Boss-Secretary dynamics, where the Secretary instead of getting her job done, opts for Fewikwik and shuts out the boss. I mean, Lady, he still can shout out orders to you. Anyway, good ad, let’s not dissect it. Watch it to know it.

Suzuki Samurai – No Problem

A Japanese guy chanting No Problem all over the ad length which makes no sense at all. But still India had recently opened up its doors to the world economics, and the asian markets lapped it up. No problem indeed. Watch it to relive the bike ad.

Kissan Jam

Starring the very handsome and suave, Rahul Dravid as jam jam jammy, is well, utterly cute. The cricketer has some real screen presence, I’ll give you that. And quite the acting skills to pull off, a woman, a monk and almost a vampire. Those days, huh? Presenting The Wall as Jammy. Nostalgic Level – Beyond Everything..

SunDrop Oil – For Healthy People

There’s some serious Ant-Man stuff going on here. The boy reduces to the size of a Gulab Jamun and practically jumps and rolls over every food item made in the said oil. Logic..Not so much. But then who actually wants it, when you can sell it with trick photography and visual effects ( read Garnier Long and Strong or Axe Deo ). Go on watch it then..

Action Ka School Time 

You know, this ad always reminded me to polish my shoes, and that was not the thought I wanted to be woken up to. And probably made me rant about how I needed a Bicycle to really pull-off my tucked in shirt. Yeah well silliness, is not so rare. Chalo, this ad is the one that you saw coming subconsciously, so yeah watch it…

So yeah, these were some of our picks. We are pretty curious to know, what your Nostalgic thoughts were. Do Comment in the box below.

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