Not Even 1 Week Into 2021 & Few Things Which Are Already Making Us Worry


Inka 2021 start ayyi one week kuda finish avvaledu already so many things are happening…Konni funny things unnayi, mari konni sad things unnayi, inkonni janala feelings ni rechagotte things kuda jarigeyi. Just 1 week lone intha havoc unte inka raaboye kaalam yela jaruguddo, let’s up hope everything will be fine.

Ok let’s dive into all the spicy and disturbing things that happened in the first week of Jan 2021 so far……

1) Liquor sales in Telangana go up at Rs 194 crore on Dec 31

Whatsapp Image 2021 01 06 At 1.33.13 PmRojuki 70 crore liquor sales jarugutai anta mana Telangana lo kani Dec 31st 200 crore ki daggariki vachesam… Oka range batting aadinam dec 31st night Telangana lo andaram

My friend after contributing money to Govt in this liquor sales dhamaka:

2) All time record in AP: Liquor Sales in Dec – Rs. 2,180 Cr

Whatsapp Image 2021 01 06 At 1.33.07 PmThis is not just a record, this is all time record. Oka dec lone 2,000 cr ante amma baboi…

Mana Raashtra (mana raashtram yendi motham country anuko) aadayanni penchutunna mandhubabulu andariki naa vandanalu

3) 60,000 Babies were born on Jan 1st 2021 In India

Whatsapp Image 2021 01 06 At 1.33.12 Pm (1)This is not just an Pan Indian record, this is pan world record

Aina adela plan chesaro yento correct ga Jan 1st puttetattu…Oka padatti, oka vision ante idi, anyway puttina chitti papalu boddhu babulu andaru happy ga undandi…

4) TamilNadu Govt agreed to 100 per occupancy in theatres for Vijay’s Master

Whatsapp Image 2021 01 06 At 1.33.12 PmA note by Doctor ‘Aravinth Srinivas’ urging not to give 100 per occupancy to theatres

Dear Actor Vijay sir, Silambarasan sir and the respected Govt. of TamilNadu,

I am tired. We are all tired. Thousands of doctors like me are tired. Health care workers are tired. Police officials are tired. Sanitary workers are tired.

We have worked so hard at the ground level to make sure the damage done is kept to as low as possible amidst an unprecedented pandemic. I am not glorifying our work for I know there is nothing so great about it to the onlooker’s eyes. We don’t have cameras in front of us. We don’t do stunt sequences. We aren’t heroes. But we deserve some time to breath. We don’t want to fall prey to someone’s selfishness and greed.

The pandemic isn’t over and we have people dying till today to the disease. A hundred percent theatre occupancy is a suicide attempt. Rather homicide , for none of the policy makers or the so called heroes are going to put themselves under the pump, to watch the movie amidst the crowd. This is a blatant barter system, trading lives for money.

Can we please slowly try and concentrate on our lives and make sure we tide through this pandemic peacefully and not reignite the slowly burning out flame, that is still not completely put out?

I wanted to make this post scientific and explain why we are still in danger. But that’s when I asked myself, “what’s the point?”

Yours tiredly

A poor, tired resident doctor

5) Indian Cricketers Eating Beef And Debate About It In Twitter

Whatsapp Image 2021 01 06 At 1.33.11 Pm (1)Mana Hitman vachesadu Australia ki ani santhosha padelopale idi oka racha start aindi. Mana vallu hotel ki velladam, akkada yevaro Attarintinki Daredi Pawan Kalyan laa bill kattadam aa bill bytaki ravadam aa bill lo Beef ani undadam danni twitter lo chusi mana fans pedda ragada…

6) Ramatheertham Temple

Whatsapp Image 2021 01 06 At 1.33.11 PmThis is the most disturbing thing that happened this year so far… Hope everything resolves soon

7) Dada’s Heart attack

Whatsapp Image 2021 01 06 At 1.33.10 Pm (1)Mana childhood hero Ganguly ki heart attack vachindi. First lo chinna issue ne ani annaru but konchem serious aindi, but now he is perfectly alright…

8) Some countries are going under complete lockdown again

Whatsapp Image 2021 01 06 At 1.33.10 PmPlease mask lu darinchandi alane social distance paatincharandi raa ayya konni countries complete lockdown ki pothunai malli…

9) Bird Flu Is Back…😞

Whatsapp Image 2021 01 06 At 1.36.04 PmAlready 5 states are hit by Bird Flu so far – Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Haryana. All these 5 states have declared high alert.

Ventane Stop eating chicken…

10) Alibaba Founder Jack Ma Missing for over 2 months now

Whatsapp Image 2021 01 06 At 1.33.07 Pm (1)October lo Jack Ma china government pai controversial comments chesadu and china banks ni cheelchi chendadu…aa speech taruvatha nunchi Jack Ma ippatiki yevariki kanapadaledu…