Not So ‘Little Soldiers’ : I’m A Very Good Girl Song Reprised


We all remember the famous song ‘I’m a very good girl’ from Little Soldiers.

For every kid in the 1990s, this was their favourite. The two kids then, Sunny (Baladitya) and Bunny (Kavya Annapareddy) are no more kids and they have grown up like any of us. With Kavya getting ready for marriage, her brother, Adarsh Annapareddy decided to reprise the old classic. Adarsh played Tinku in the original but, swapped roles with Baladitya in the reprise. Their parents and the director of the original, Gunnam Gangaraju also took part in this video. It was shot as a part of Kavya’s marriage celebrations. Probably that is the reason it lacked the original’s soul.

It’s always nostalgic to see such songs being reprised. It throws us back into those times when cinema meant nothing, but fun. Surprising to see that little kid is now getting married. Yeah, time flies! Wish you a Happy Married Life, Kavya!! You have the best song for kids in the history of Telugu cinema.  😉

Here check out the video! You will travel back in time!