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Now Just Tap And Travel With This New Hassle Free Smart Card


Daily morning levali intlo work antha complete cheskoni ready aiyyi, hadavidiga ga bus stop ki velli bus kosam wait chesi vacchaka ticket kosam 100 istey conductor change ivvandi antu cheppe aa dialogue ki every common man ela frustrate avthado chepanavasaram ledu.

Only bus ea kadu auto’s, rain padthundi ani book cheskuney ola cabs lo, recent ga city lo parugulu pedthunna Metro rail lo kuda ee chillara kastalu every common man ki ee situation common ea.

Ee situation ki full stop pettali aney thought tho Telangana Transport Department and Hyderabad Metro Rail (HMR) varu diniki one-stop solution tho munduku vasthunnaru. Adi enti antey banking and information technology help tho travel Smart Card ni introduce chesthunnaru. Ee single point smart card tho metro rail, MMTS, buses, auto rickshaws, and ola, uber cabs lo kuda travel cheyyochu.

Smart card users need to do is to obtain a pre-loaded card by paying the prescribed amount, and they can use cards in MMTS, buses, and auto rickshaws. Different locations lo install cheyanunna e-POS (electronic point of sale) machines dwara city lo ekkadaina travel cheseyla plan chesthunnam ani officials announce chesaru.

Initial ga Greater Hyderabad limits lo unna 3800 buses lo, MMTS stations lo e-POS machines install cheyadaniki some banks vallu munduku vaccharu, and in a couple of months, this smart card-based multi-modal travel system is expected to become operational.

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