Now Make Memories Live with HP Sprocket Portable Wireless Instant Printer On the Go


HP Sprocket wireless portable instant printer launched at Rs 8,999 by HP on Amazon Online Store in India

Photography edoka Vyasanam aypoindi life lo venakki tirigi chuste gadichipoina kaalam tho paatu boledu Selfies konni memorable photos, antakanna emuntadi gadichipoina kaalam venakki elaago raadu kanisam gadipina moments ne pocket lo portable phones lo chuskone chance undi ee generation.

Kaani Janalaki raka-rakalu ga untaru, kondaru photos phones lo unte chalu anukuntaru, mari kondaru Copies teepinchi Albums cheskunevallu, mari kondaru Memory wall Create chese rakalu….

Mana Phones ki high end Cameras support undi epudu DSLR tho teese photos ela vastayo same Phones kuda anta range lo best Pixels tho HDR photos teeskovachu so entha Manchi Camera phones unapudu manchi photo printer kuda unte every shot ne oka memory la Story board cheskovalani untadi kada so elanti pichi unnavallakosam Electronic giant “HP” Pocket Friendly Portable Instant Printer ne develop chesi daaniki HP Sprocket ane Name tho market loki release chesindi.6 - Colors

Looks Crazy aslu Vibrant Colours Red, White and Black lo Pocket Sized 5 inch Instant Printers and meeru kuda mee best Memories ne Gallary la cheskovalanukunte just by an Sprocket at Amazon at 8,999/- and get 10 Free Zink HP Photo papers in the Box

How to Use8 - Using

Back panel Open chesi Zink Paper Set ne Sprocket lo petti Panel close chesi, Power Button On chesi bluetooth connect cheste chalu.

This is purely an Wireless Printer connects with every Bluetooth enabled phone and instant ga 15 seconds lo photo print avtundi and it has an inbuilt battery which is chargeable via USB Type C 2.0 cable.

Why Only Zink Paper
Actual ga ee Printer lo elanti Colour Catrich or Ink Pillars undav photo print ayyedaniki, meeru normal printer paper pedithe same white paper bayataki vastundi anduke Zink photo papers ne use cheyyali, ee Zink Photo Paper Stickable and inbuilt Vibrant Colours untai , when we tap on print it prints on the Zink Paper with Vibrant Colours with Glossy Finishing and can be usable just after the print, there is no wait time after the print and inka ee Zink paper photos, Colour Resistant, Water Resistant and tear-resistant.5 -Hoe to Use

Eee Zink Papers chala types untai and for better quality photos use HP Zink Photo Papers and avi chala Costly 20 Papers Costs Rs.499/- evi kuda Amazon lo dorukutai2 - Cost

Eee Photos stickers la kuda use cheskovachu, Peel off sticker peel chesi aah photos ne me daily life things paina apply cheskovachu like Coffee Mugs, Back packs, walls and on many things

How to Print

Chala easy photos print cheskodam pedda time kuda pattadu just 10-15 seconds for one photo like you can take as many photos as you want.

First Download HP Sprocket Mobile App on Both iOS and Android Play Store.

Snap a Picture and print via HP Sprocket easily in seconds and there is an edit option in app where you can edit your pictures9 - Photos

Add Filters, Emojis, Photo frames and Stickers to your photos easily and all these options are inbuilt in App.7 - Features

How to Use App

Download your App from App Store or Play Store Compatible for both Android and iOS.

Eee Sprocket lo unna best Feature enti ante direct ga me Instagram and Facebook social photos direct ga App nunche Print cheskovachu

Authorize your App with Facebook and Instagram for printing Social Photos directly from App1 - App

Here we Go How this Social Photos Printing Works4 - Photos

Once meru social profiles authorisation ichaka inka me facebook instagram photos anni automatic ga HP App lo Generate avtu untai.

Here you can see our own Social Pictures from Tamada Media, Wirally, Wirally Food, Wirally Tech, Wirally DIY an Wirally Life from both Instagram and Facebook we can choose a photo and go for edit and then we can print a Photo.

Here we try a Photo of Tamada Media to Print via HP Sprocket Pocket Printer3 - Printing Proses

We can even rotate in all angles and can able to edit with filters, photo frames, emojis and stickers and then select print for a photo copy, here you can choose how many copies you need also and automatically they will form into queue and prints once it connects to Instant Printer via Bluetooth.10 - Test

Now make your Photos into Live on the go with HP Sprocket Wireless Printer

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