Now Share your Live Location and Delete Wrong texts on Whatsapp


Whatsapp a Weird platform for chatting with our best buddies and Everyday Whatsapp updates are really unnatural, First Whatsapp Version 1.0 lo manam messages free ga 1 year send cheskunela undi after 1 year we have to Rs.51 as renewal charge, later 1 year Whatsapp ki vachina billion profits valla aah Subscription edaithe undo Rs.51 kuda free chesesaru, Appatike Whatsapp lo chala updates vachai sending photos Videos Voice memos, Music ala chalane vachai ee messaging platform debbaki indian messenger “Hike” and inka Viber, Telegram and facebook Messenger elantivi annintiki Shutter padindi.whatsapp updateLater Facebook owned Whatsapp and Upgraded Whatsapp to next with some super natural features in one Platform like

1) Voice Calls
2) Video Calls
3) Whatsapp Web
4) Contact sharing
5) Location Sharing
6) Live Status
7) End-to-End encryption
8) Camera with filters
9) Document Sharing
10) Group chatting
11) Whatsapp Business
12) Broadcast Message
13) Pin to Top
14) Adding to Archives
15) Starring Important Messages

Inni Options unnaka evaraina Whatsapp use cheseki like cheyyakunda endukuntaru, Phone lo Balance unna lekapoina prathi okkaru use chesi App Whatsapp andari phones lo pakka untundi.

Time for an Upgrade

Whatsapp again brought two crazy updates this week those are really worthy

1) Live Location Sharing

2) Recalling the Wrong Texts ( Deleting messages on both Texts )

First Vaati gurinchi discuss chese mundu we will update our Whatsapp application to the latest version then we can have access to these Smart updates

Live Location Sharingwhatsapp update

Live Location Sharing chala worthy because mana andariki oka lucha friend untadu, Mama ippude vastunna on the way ani muchatlu cheptu intlo tongoninuntaru alanti vallani “Mama Jara Live Location Share” ani adigithe sachare inka you can able to track them till 15 min or 1 Hr or 8 Hr as for your preference.

How it works: Whatsapp > Chat > Tap on + > Location > Live Location > Select Hrs Limit > Write a Message > Share > Done

Ee Live Location Sharing Womens ki baaga use avtundi, Evvala repu manaki a time lo job shifts untunnayo manake telifu anni rotational shifts so nights Women safty kosam valla Room mates or family members ki Live location share cheskoni bayam lekunda undochu because next 8 hrs you cam be visible to them and it is easy to find you to them if there is any emergency, after coming to Home safely we can easily turn off the location sharing , ela ee Live location valla chala uses unnai and a Worthy Update and Tag your Female Friend or Well wishers and let them know about this Live location Sharing.

Recalling the Wrong Texts ( Deletea Wrong Text on the both Chats )whatsapp update

Yes, idhi kuda oka rakam ga worthy update, we can delete a text with in 7 minutes to erase from both chats, Lets Have a look how it works

Suppose nv oka flirting Raja anuko okati kadu 10 mandi ammailani easy ga gelukutuntav whatsapp lo alantapudu nv anukokunda konni messages miss ayy vere papa ki veltadi akkadithl aah relationship cut, so neeku ee feature baaga use avtadi, or nv drunken state lo undi me Lover send cheyyalsina message me Daddy ki send chesav anuko alantapudu ee feature baaga use avtundi.

eppatike ardam ayy untadi, oka message send chesaka adhi wrong person ki or wrong text aythe with in 7 minutes lo aah message delete chesyochu both chats lo apudu vallaki aah message kanipinchadu, Absolutely it is an worthy Upgrade.

How it works: Whatsapp > Chat > Hii Baby > Daddy > Long press on message > Tap on Delete > Select Delete for Everyone > Message got erased

Note: To get access to these features you must update your Whatsapp to Latest version

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