Obama breaks down while talking about gun laws

President of the USA Barack Obama, who is in his final year of presidency, has been pushing for a change in US gun laws.

While he was speaking at the White House about a change in the gun laws, Obama broke down and shed tears, as he was reminded of the horrors that the US has gone through due to people abusing gun laws.

USA has been a victim to a long line of shootings, at schools, colleges, churches and theatres. Sadly, the US media chooses to mask this disturbing trend in a number of ways. Firstly, those who are involved in shootings are never called ‘terrorists’. That is a term we seem to have reserved for ‘Islamic terrorists’. If you notice any US news report, the criminals are always referred to as ‘gunmen’.

This is the 15th time in his two terms that Barack Obama has tried to push for a change in gun laws in the US. Sadly, it is never mentioned as a serious issue either in the US, or outside the country. According to a website – http://www.gunviolencearchive.org/ – which archives cases of gun violence in the US, there are at least ten deaths everyday in the US from incidents of shooting.

The President broke down in between his speech as he remembered young kids who have lost their lives to gun violence. There have been 994 cases of ‘mass shootings’ in the US since Obama came to power.

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