Odd-Even Formula: Having Odd Number Is Convenient!


By Pranjal Govekar

As we know  Odd-even formula is implemented in capital city Delhi and as per the formula one can drive odd numbered car on odd day and similarly even numbered car on even day.

The 1st January which is a odd day got successful response in Delhi and then discussion started all over nation – Is the 15 days trial of Odd-even formula going to be permanent?

On this Kejriwal answered in an interview with CNN-IBN that it is impossible to implement Odd-even formula scheme permanently.

So, in case the formula is implemented permanently in future, what is the convenient number to posses? Is it Odd or Even number? Let’s check it out!

There are 365 days in a non-leap year where as 366 days in a leap year. With this data we can sort days as follows.


So observations from the above table gives you that having odd numbered car will give you 7-8 days more to travel out in your car.