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Old city versus new city


400 years ago this nizam city was a vast barren land with granite stones, hills, full of forest and a river cutting through. Today, this cosmopolitan city with so many underwent revolutions has been ranked as one of the best cities in the world. Let it be the world famous biryani, the galvanising IT front, one of top ranked airports, the old heritages, etc., hyderabad has drawn the attention of the world

This city is yet the combination of two diverse parts; the old city and the new one. Heritages of both are irreplaceable. The begun bazar of the old city, the top class malls in the new city, the road side chat in old city, the multi cuisine hotels in the new one, Charminar in old city, financial district in the new one, etc., this city comprises of everything.

This video shows two hyderabadis one from each part of the city who try to prove their part is the greatest. After hours of debating and pulling their heads off, they come to a point where they start to agree with each other. Watch it to know what is that one thing they both hit together.

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