14 Times Old Songs In Telugu Cinema Got A New Flavour With Their Remixes


Remix is not a new concept when it comes to music. We all might have heard from our parents atleast in one instance when they praised old movies and songs. True!! But, not all in the current generation might favour to listen to old songs especially. Thanks for a few movies who give us remixed version of old songs which are properly packaged and given to us.

While there might be many remixes that took place, let’s look at 12 times when Telugu cinema impressed us with their remixes.

Olammi Thikkaregindha – Yamadonga 
Original Song – Yamagola
Aaduvari matalaku arthale verule – Kushi
Original movie – Missamma
Bangaru kodipetta – Magadheera
Original movie – Gharana Mogudu
O lammi Thikka regindha - Yamadonga
Guvva Gorinkatho – Subramanyam for sale
Original movie – Khaidi no. 786
Guvva Gorinkatho - Subramanyam for sale
Ettaga unnadhe o lammi – Nenunnanu
Original movie – Dasara Bullodu
Danchave menatha kuthura – Ride
Original movie – Mamagari Manavadu
Danchave menatha kuthura - Ride
Aakasam lo oka tara – Seema Tapakai
Original movie – Simhasanam
Aakasam lo oka tara - Seema Tapakai
Bhimavaram Bulloda – Raj 
Original Movie – Gharana Bullodu
Bhimavaram Bulloda - Raj (sumanth)
Aaresukoboyi – Adavi Ramudu 
Original movie – Adavi Ramudu (old)
Aaresukoboyi - Adavi Ramudu (Prabhas)
Gala Gala Paruthuna Godaarila – Pokiri
Original movie – Gowri
Gala Gala Paruthuna Godaarila - Pokiri
Andam Hindhulam – Supreme
Original Movie – Yamuduki Mogudu
Andam Indhulam - Supreme
Vana Vana Velluvaye – Racha
Orignal movie – Gang Leader
Vana Vana Velluvaye - Racha
Palleku Podam Chalo Chalo – Aatadukundam Raa
Original Movie – Devdas
Oka laila kosam – Oka laila kosam
Original movie – Ramudu kaadu Krishnudu