10 One Liners From Telugu Cinema That Will Best Relate Girls And Love


For a guy, finding the right girl is always a confusing task. Though you come across many, in whom you can find the right person is sometimes a never ending task. But, once you find, the world around you changes. Your priorities obviously change.

Giving your utmost preference in understanding a girl seems the only job for you. The results might end up in different ways, but the process of building a personality of a girl within you is always beautiful.

In Telugu cinema, there have been few awesome situations where they touched us. Hope these one-liners were few of those. 7 - Venkatesh5 - Venu9 - Tharun8 - Prakash Raj6 - Venkatesh3 - Tharun2 - Nagarjuna4 - Pawan Kalyan1 - Venkatesh