Top 10 Online Shopping Platforms For Women In India

Top 10 Online Shopping Platforms For Women In India

The idea of online clothing stores is nothing short of a revolution since it has fundamentally changed how people purchase and how the economy works. Also, there is nothing better if you enjoy window shopping. Online shopping offers a three-dimensional experience with outfit suggestions, online trial rooms, fitting assistants, and chat assistance. Nothing would be missed but traffic bottlenecks, though! While others claim that buying in physical places eliminates the possibility of returning a product you love, I like online shopping because I think the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. But understand that you need to be certain about the website you’re using, the clothing’s quality, its size charts, the turnaround time for deliveries, the return policies, etc. Let me tell you some good news before you start worrying that you don’t know enough trustworthy online stores to purchase from. In order to improve your online purchase experience, we are listing them all out now. Let’s research and find which online clothing stores are the greatest.



1. Myntra
If you are from India, the first store that comes to mind when you consider doing any online shopping is Myntra. It is probably the most popular online clothes store in India and has a million brands. It’s a one-stop store for anything you could need for men, women, kids, kitchenware, accessories, and home décor. It provides apparel at all price levels. Also, the majority of its items are eligible for free delivery, and the specials and offers are to die for.






It is no longer necessary to request clothing from relatives and friends who live abroad. Companies like Ajio are filling up these massive gaps in the availability of foreign labels in India and won’t let you fall behind the curve when it comes to fashion. The fact that Ajio offers independent fashion is another factor in the success of the brand; these people are genuine experts in their field. Ajio has a research and development fashion lab where designers are always experimenting with designs using various materials, styles, and specifications. It provides end-to-end fashion solutions for all of your demands, whether they are for workplace, party, casual, ethnic, or elegant Indie fusion wear. It achieves all of this in style and at an affordable price.







3. Shein
You might not be aware of it unless you’ve been hibernating in the Himalayas, but in all other cases, you should be aware of this website. Shein is one of the top online clothing stores out there, and by putting brands from all over the world at your fingertips, it is essentially improving the fashion industry. It provides whatever you can imagine, including graphic t-shirts, sweatshirts, swimwear, jeans, pants, and dresses. It is quite difficult to choose just one design, and even if the costs are essentially “cheap,” the quality is excellent. Shein is getting a lot of attention for all the right reasons, and I couldn’t be happier.





4. Nykaa
With Nykaa, you may get cosmetics and beauty goods from many brands. Over just ten years, this website that focuses on beauty has grown throughout all of India. Several foreign brands are available, including Huda, Wet n Wild, and many others. The company has released the Nykaa Fashion app to make purchasing clothing easier.






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5. Meesho
Meesho, an online reseller, is building a reputation for itself every day. The app launched for the first time in 2015. The store sells clothing for women at an unbelievable discount. Your demands and preferences can be met by a selection of ethnic clothing for women. Also, it includes more than 50 lakh goods of all kinds, including clothing, toiletries, and cosmetics. There are more than 650 different product categories to choose from.





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6. Purple
Another online shop offering items for skin care, hair care, deodorants, cosmetics, perfumes, and more is Purplle. This 2011-founded Indian business has grown in recognition over time.




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7. Amazon
The well-known online shop Amazon has established itself as one of the top destinations for Indian women to purchase online. The website is easy to use and comes with its own applications. Anything from a to z can be found on Amazon, according to its logo. For various occasions, this e-commerce site offers a big selection of apparel from well-known companies. You may browse their other clothing options as well, including purses, bags, jewellery, and more.






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8. Limeroad
Prior to recently, Limeroad was only for women, but they have since included items for men. On the website, you may browse for standard clothing options as well as styles inspired by celebrities and accessories. Limeroad also sells ethnic clothing that is unstitched, partially stitched, or fully sewn.




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9. Koovs
Koovs offers clothing and accessories for both men and women, bringing some fantastic foreign design to India. They nearly always have steep discounts available, and they often add new items. If you’re seeking some affordable yet stylish clothing selections, Koovs provides everything you need. This website’s clothing products are developed in London.







10. ASOS
ASOS was a trailblazer in creating an online business community that catered to women’s fashion requirements. By sending clothing created in the US, UK, China, Europe, etc. and delivering it to India and other countries across the world in a couple of days, ASOS has pushed it to the next level. If that isn’t a wonder right there, I don’t know what is. ASOS is a treasure trove of stylish clothing that provides a smooth online shopping experience, from carrying branded items to having its own in-house label. The theme for the first part of the event was “As Seen on Screen,” or asos.





written by Varsha

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