Only A True BB Fan Can Score Minimum 10 Out Of 15 In This Crazy Bigg Boss Quiz

Contributed by Madhavi Sasanka

Bigboss show.. 3 months patu almost andarni 9.30 kalla tv on chesela chestuna show. E show craze antha comment sections lo kanabadtundi emadya.

Bigboss season nadustundi kabatti, tv lo hotstar lo marchi marchi show follow avutuna Bgboss fans kosam alage memes chuste chalu bossu episode ardamipotundi anukune hybrid fans kosame e image based quiz. Ivi contestant’s famous tasks kani, dialogues kani or funny moments meda base ayyi untay. Easy and interesting. So try to guess the contestant from the picture.

[HDquiz quiz = “18703”]

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