Here Are Some Bizarre Myths, Only Kids From 90’s Will Relate To

Contributed by Azeezunnisa Syed

It was fun, it was life and I feel thankful that my childhood happened before the technology took over. Growing up in the ’90s was quite memorable and it was a golden time where people were more inclined to enjoy the little joys. These are the following myths which almost believed in as kids from ’90s. 

  1. If you swallow a bubble gum, you will die.

bubble gum

Boomer, Big Babool, Chiclets, Orbits these bubble gums are our favourite ones. Kani bubble gum mingithe adi mana pegulaki chuttukuni chachipothamani rumourappatlo.

  1. WWF star Undertaker has died 7times.

under taker

Myths that Undertaker has died many times, rise from the dead, came from the grave, Kane & Undertakers were brothers and there were multiple Undertakers, not just one.

  1. Chewing gum is made out of pig’s flesh.

90'S kIDS

Eww..!! this myth is ridiculous and yet very disgusting. Every parent had told their child not to eat chewing gums because it was made with pig’s fat or flesh.

  1. This pencil can bring whatever we draw.

90's Kids

Watching ShakaLaka Boom Boom on TV we had believed that the pencil can bring anything we draw. Everyone wants that pencil in childhood, I mean how cool if that pencil exists in real life….

  1. If peacock feathers are kept in a book it will get multiple.

90's Kids

Imagining, when peacock feathers are kept in books they multiply by giving birth to many more feathers and manam entha amayakulam ante daniki food kuda buy chesi pettevallam time ki.

  1. Mixing pencil and milk we get an eraser.

90's Kids

Pencil sharp chesina tarvatha vacche woodni milk lo kalipithe within one day you will get an eraser, what an illusion bro!!

  1. Omni van was kidnapper’s car.

90's Kids

Appatlo manam velledaarilo Omni van kanipisthe chalu my inner feeling will be lagettaroi…! It was like Omni car = kidnapper’s car.

  1. If you swallow seeds of watermelon, a plant will grow in your stomach.

90's Kids

While eating a watermelon if the seeds are swallowed then everyone will say nee kadupu lo okachettupudtindaraanibhayapettevaru….how mean..??

  1. If you find your broken eyelash, your wish comes true if you blow it putting on your fist.

90's Kids

Broken eye lashes dorikithe chalu hand lo petti we wish for many things and then we blows it off our fist believing that our wishes come true….how silly! 

  1. Pulla ice lo Unna ice is taken from a mortuary.

90's Kids

In those days we only like Pepsi ice, cup ice, cone ice, pulla ice but daniki kuda our friends brought a rumour that the ice is taken from the dead bodies.

Some more myths like

If you wear a red dress the bull will fight with you,

Coin becomes magnet when the train passes through it,

life will be easier after 12th class,

Shaktiman will come to rescue us when we are in trouble,

If a spider bites us then we will also become spiderman,

If you have two circles in your hair you will marry twice,

If you bump your head once to others head you will get a horn in your head, if you bump twice you won’t,

Cotton candy is made from an old woman’s hair,

If you cut nails after 6 PM something bad will happen,

Ms Dhoni drinks 5 litres of milk daily.

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