This Open Letter To ManKind Will Keep You Thinking For A Long Time To Come..!!

By Ritika Chhabria

Dear Men,
On Women’s Day, we Women have something to tell you, so listen, and listen clear.
Gone are the days when it was only you guys who were career-oriented, today women are as career-oriented as you are. So don’t expect us to make all the sacrifices alone. You will have to pitch in and help us, even without us asking for it. And trust me; this chivalrous attitude would be thoroughly appreciated.

“Whenever you see someone riding or driving in a bad way on the road, don’t just assume it’s a girl who’s in charge! It may very well be a guy’s fault!” Tanya wishes to warn you.

Don’t ever underestimate us. We may be emotional, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t strong. We can face tough situations with as equal panache as we react in in fun situations.

“Don’t always just take the lead. Walk with us sometimes. How would you like it if we took the lead and directed everything without asking for your opinion?” is something a simple girl would like to say. “Don’t see any kind of reaction as a signal from the girl. Try and understand what she’s trying to say”, is what Vinita says. If we are all dolled up, it is possible it is because we want to look pretty for ourselves; we don’t always want to impress people.

“Yes we are and we can be strong and independent women.“Trust me; women are much better multi-taskers than men are! Ask them to try and handle what we go through every day; they wouldn’t last long at all!” Aishwariya challenges you.

Just because we don’t say anything doesn’t mean we don’t feel bad about stuff or don’t understand it. It’s just that we like to think maturely instead of acting on the basis of our egos. For us, holding everything and everyone together is more important than getting a silly ego boost. If you notice we argue about silly issues, the major aspects are something we try and sort calmly and independently.

I think all said and done, neither can we women stay away from men and neither can you guys (you may have a long list of complaints, it doesn’t mean you want to stay away!). What we would just like to say is Respect us a little more, Try to understand what we are trying to say and Listen to us sometimes, that would solve a majority of issues. Of course a little bit of pampering every now and then doesn’t hurt anyone!

Finally I would just like to say,
Not all women are made of sugar, spice and everything nice. Some girls are made of sarcasm, wine and everything fine.

The Women.


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