Ordering Food Online? Here Are The Guidelines You Must Follow!

We all know that the restrictions in lockdown have been taken down and now the government is allowing delivery of food and groceries. While this is all great, it is important that we take certain precautions and safety measures while ordering food.

1.Buy only from reputed places.

1 Ordering Food OnlineWhile ordering food, ensure that you order from reputed places or places that you frequented. You can also find details on the food apps about the cleanliness or the safety measures restaurants and cafes are taking. Be thorough with the details and then place your order.

2.Contactless Delivery.

2 Ordering Food OnlineMost apps now have contactless delivery as an option. Choose that option while placing an order. Make only online payments to avoid contact with the delivery boys. Contactless delivery is the safest option not just for you but also for the delivery boys.

3.Throw the package away.

3 Ordering Food OnlineOnce you receive your food, un wrap the food and throw the packets, plastic wrapping or paper bags. Do not use the cutlery that comes with the food. It is tempting to eat from the boxes that the food comes in, but disregarding all the packaging is a necessary step.

4.Wash your hands.

4 Ordering Food OnlineOnce you’ve disregarded all the covers, packaging and utensils that came with your food, wash your hands. Wash it atleast for 20 seconds with a hand wash. Do not eat your food without unwashed hands at any cost.

5.Heat your food.

5 Ordering Food OnlineOnce you are done washing your hands, heat your food. Heating your food can kill the possible sources of viruses in your food. Hence, it is advisable that you heat your food before you eat it. Also, avoid storing your delivered food and try to consume it immediately.

6.Clean the table or stand that you placed your food on.

6 Ordering Food OnlineAlso, make sure that you’ve cleaned the table or stand on which you placed your food. There are chances that the viruses must have been stuck on it. So make sure that you sanitize the entire place with a disinfectant and wash your hands again.

So, while ordering food from outside, please follow the above guidelines. Prevention is better than cure any day, right?

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