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OU is doing 100 times a Srimanthudu!!

OU, Srimanthudu, Osmania University

OU thinks it is time to throw back to the society from where they have become a strong entity. the Osmania University Alumni Committee is planning to adopt 100 villages across 10 districts in Telangana, marking 100 years of the university. The villages will be called Osmania Modern Villages.

The idea was planted by Shyam Mohan Anantula, the chairman of the committee. Over 20,000 alumni have been invited to celebrate this festive atmosphere. It gathers students of almost 4 decades.

The university has given nearly 1 crore graduates to the society and is still strong in giving some rooted people to develop the nation. They are going to help all those villages with education, sanitation, water and many many things. They will also build and improve infrastructures of schools and colleges in the rural areas. They are also planning to rebuild some of them to ensure quality of education and educational surroundings.

Kudos to the entire committee for such a brilliant thought proving step.

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