Outfits that are totally in Fashion now!!


Are you updated with the latest fashion trends? Check out some of the happening outfits and do add them to your wardrobe!

1.Cold Shoulderfashion

This is the top trending style now. They highlight your smooth shoulders. This is also an alternative for those who have broad shoulders and feel uncomfortable with Off-shoulders.

2.Crop topfashion

Crop tops are short in length. Pair them up with a high waisted skirts and pants to rock the look.
3.Bell Sleevesfashion

Bell bottom pants were in fashion some years back…now it’s time for bell bottom sleeves!!

4.Boy Friend Jeans:fashionUnlike the skinny jeans which most of the women prefer, Boy friend jeans are loose fit and very comfortable. These are totally in trend now, and are preferred by many fashion icons.
5.Cape Topfashion

It is a double layered dress, with first layer being a sleeve less body fit top. Second layer is a short arm length cape.

6.Cigarette Pantsfashion

These are dead straight pants and cover till just above ankle. They generally go with everything, tops, kurtis etc.