5 DIY Ideas To Create Your Own Laundry Racks For Small Rooms


Varshakalam lo chala kastamaina pani entante, to dry clothes outside. Endukante, if it starts raining suddenly, then you have to grab the basket and pack the clothes in a fraction of seconds from that place. So, ilanti problem lekunda we are sharing some brilliant ideas on how to create your own drying rack in small space inside your house.

1. Wall mounted hanging racks.1LaundryTry to place them above the machines, so that it is easy for you to wash and dry them.

2. Flexible laundry racks2LaundryYou can close them up like a window when they are not in use.

3. Poles or hanging bars3LaundryYou can dry your clothes on poles or hanging bars inside your house.

4. Pull out clothes drying rack4LaundryYou can pull and push this drying rack. It is one of the most flexible designs and super space saver.

5. Laundry room with clothes rack5LaundryIf you have greater space, try to allot some space for a laundry room and try to hang them to dry.