These Pakistani Actors Are Here To Rule The Box Office With Their Incredible Talent..!!


By Anusha Reddy 

Bollywood has been a global representor of India, being one of the first things that someone can think of when asked about India. The Indian film industry is very voluminous in its approach and provides a larger diaspora for various fields. Some of the many immigrants in Bollywood belong to Pakistan. The Pakistani actors/actresses have equally managed to mark their presence in Bollywood. Fawad Khan, Ali Zafar, Atif Aslam, RahetFateh Ali Khan, MawraHocane, Mahira Khan are some of the famed Pakistani names in Bollywood.

4These artists have managed to grab the attention of the audience and also create a fan base for themselves in India. They have starred in some of the most appreciated films and have proved their acting proves. Fawad Khan agreed to play the role of a gay person in Kapoor and sons when many other actors refused to take up the role, and the audience couldn’t be happier. He fit the role like a key fits a lock. Ali Zafar is one of the most loved actors with an enthralling charm, entertaining the audience with his on point humour timing. MawraHocane and Mahira Khan are new to the industry but have yet garnered a lot of attention.

3But is it all glitz and glamour for the stars? Not really. There is a certain discomfort in having our, open secret, enemy camp’s people working in our sector. The RSS condemned Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan’s films and also raised slogans against SRK’s Raees. What most people fail to understand is that Bollywood functions on talent, if a person irrespective of the origin lacks the required skill and talent he/she would not stand in the industry.

1Another reason for empathy is that with already many people joining the industry, can the entry of the Pakistani actors be accommodated? Will their acting prowess last long in the industry or will it fade away is something that should be left for the future to decide, till then let us just bask under their enthralling charm and good looks.

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