Parents Should Always in Our Priority List….Enough Said..!!

By Sapna Khanna 

As time is running out too fast, we are entering in altogether new generation where the parent-child relations are becoming thinner day-by-day and children are busier with their friends and things which remain with them for temporary period.

The new generation has become a bit selfish and absent-minded. They don’t realize that the endless time they spend on social networking sites and mobile to chat with their friends should actually be spent with their parents to discuss each other’s problems and getting solutions out of it. They don’t like to care about their parents when they get sick but are always there to send a ‘Get Well Soon’ message to their friends when they get sick. As if their friends will get back to being normal as soon as they get the message. But the fact is to get back to normal their friends also need their parents.

giphy (3)Nowadays, youngsters are also forgetting the real deeper meaning of friendship. Friends are those who encourage us when we lose faith in ourselves, who always helps us to differentiate between right and wrong. Friends care for us like our parents, fight with us like siblings and knows how to put a smile on our face when we get depressed.
Teenagers get themselves stuffed in unnecessary emotions like anger, ego and impatience, which they learn by viewing the numerous television shows and serials that are popular in their friend circle! And they don’t like to take advice from their parents as if their parents are not mature enough to understand them. But when our friends find some unnecessary fault in us, we would immediately talk to them to get suggestions and try to copy their behavior. We are so conscious about the way our friends look at us that we try to change ourselves according to their likes and often fail to realize that our parents never try to change ourselves, they just give advice for our better future.

Teenage is a period when children should spend most of their time with their parents and teachers because this is the time when most of the misunderstandings arise between them. They should face and clear the misunderstandings head on instead of ignoring these wise people in the name of generation gap. They should realize that these people have already passed the same teenage life and are more experienced and knowledgeable not only about their own generation but have also learnt to use the technologies of this generation.

giphy (1)
We should realize the value of our parents and also that we are lucky to have them because there are a lot of orphan who know their importance but are not blessed. Most of the time, our parents do not allow us to go out with our friends for get-together or late-night parties, not because they don’t want us to enjoy our life but because they don’t want us to fall in the trap of bad friends or rapists.

We tend to give more time to our ‘so-called BFFs’ only to get some temporary happiness by clicking pictures with them, then editing it to make it look a bit better and sharing them in social networking sites, just to show off our social life and getting some likes. We don’t realize that most of these friends will not even remain friends with us after some years and these pictures will only hurt us. Because it’s a fact that everyone comes in our life for reason, for a season and only some remain there for a lifetime. And even when our friends have chosen their way leaving us behind, we always have our parents sticking to our side till their lifetime.

giphyIt’s sad that we don’t even like to wish our parents in the morning or try to welcome them home when they comeback from work only because we consider it a waste of time and think replying to a friend’s message is much more important. Now let us imagine how would have been if parents too become selfish.

giphy (2)Parents don’t need to waste so much of their precious time on us from day one. They can just kill us inside the womb of our mother and care for themselves and their own job. They don’t have to reach us when we cry and try to cheer us by their pampering; they surely have other works to do. They don’t even need to panic when we fall from the bicycle; they have several other things to worry about. They don’t need to stand at the gate of our school or fret so much over college admissions, they have their own priorities. They don’t have to squander money to buy us clothes when they could build a lavish house to live with that same money.

We didn’t ever ask them to do things for us, but they do everything selflessly.

We should at least try to spare some time from our busy life for our parents not because they need it but because they deserve it.

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