Patriotic Playlist : 8 Songs In Telugu That Will Get You Engrossed In Love For This Nation


August 15th is the day we celebrate our nation’s Independence. Recollecting all the sacrifices made by our nation, this day we spend time in everything that gives us a feel of Patriotism. We brushed through the songs in Telugu cinema and we actually found some good number of songs that we all should definitely give an ear on this Independence day.

It might not raise your blood to do something for the nation, but will atleast fill your mind and thoughts about the wonderful nation that we have and why we should be proud of this country! Here they are :

Punyabhoomi Na desam – Major Chandrakanth

Vinara Vinara – Roja

I’m an Indian – Badri

Meme Indians – Khadgam

Desam Manade – Jai

Ee Jenda – Bobby

Shankardada Zindabad – O Bapu Nuvve