Kushi Clocks 18 years And Here Are Some GIFs On The Classic Film

Yes, it has been 17 years since Kushi released – a classic every kid who grew up in the late 1990s – 2000 will relate to. It is a sheer brilliance of screenplay. Pawan Kalyan and Bhoomika fall in the bracket of those ever green couples who worked out some spectacular chemistry. The characters of Siddhu and Madhu still appear real in front of us.

With already great hits like Tholiprema, Thammudu and Badri, Kushi only made Pawan Kalyan a demi-god for all his fans. Can you believe that Pawan Kalyan just survived for the next 10 years without a hit and his craze only kept growing. Such was the affect of Kushi and it was definitely a crucial milestone in his career as well as for Telugu cinema.

Here I am not going to discuss what was it’s affect or commend on its performance. Least has been said about it. Let’s just go back in timeline and look at this brilliance piece through these GIFs recollecting our memories.

The first touch!!

A classic cross over!!

When the like minded met for the first time

Which led them getting closer to each other

..And soon the epic nadumu fall out happened!!

In no time they became enemies

The unexpected confrontation that remains ever green even till date

Oopiri peelchukolaa?!!

Malli daggara ayina iddaru

Neelantoditho nenu fight cheyaa!!

1 KushiOooops..Malli ithanu vachadenti??

1 KushiAnd yes finally the ‘Happy Ending’ !!

So that was it! Classics are made irrespective of time. For people who weren’t part of the Mayabazar or Sagara Sangamam days and started their childhood with Jagadeka Veerudu Athiloka Sundari, Ninne Pelladutha, Little Soldier and Tholiprema, Kushi is definitely a classic. A movie that embraced the Telugu audience and gave us not only a movie but alot lot memories.

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