If Pawan Kalyan Movie Characters Were Your Office Colleagues, This Is How They Would Be


If you are a office goer, within the first week of the office, you would have differentiated your colleagues into a few categories. It’s not being judgmental about them, but based on their characteristics you tend to put them under a certain bracket. To give an entertainment twist to this, we spiced it up with Pawan Kalyan’s movie characters comparing different kinds of colleagues with PK’s movie characters.

Here we go!!

Boss ‘Puli’ Boss – (Komaram Puli)


Always behind the rules and mostly a big nasa candidate

Friendly Colleague ‘Balu’ – (Tholiprema)
Eppudu chill avthune untaadu. No hurry and no tension. He will always be your best friend
Weekend Colleague ‘Sanjay’ – (Jalsa)
Veedi weekend mandhu and maanchi jalsa lenidhi gadavadhu. Veedhitho unte weekend ela gadichindhi ra babu anukuntam.
Workaholic Colleague ‘Bangaram’ –  (Bangaram)
Pani thappa unko maatane matladadu
Ideal Colleague ‘Gowtham Nanda’ – (Atharintiki Daaredi)
Veedu asalu sisalaina colleague. Veedu just ala oka one year work cheshi US ki chekesthademo gaani, unantha sepu vaadi effect kanabadidhi
That Flirting Colleague ‘Michael Velayudham’ – (Teenmaar)
Ammailu…ammailu..appudapudu work..malli ammailu
Sincere Colleague ‘Ganesh’ (Suswagatham)
Veedu 9 hours work. Oka lunch carriage box. oka water bottle pattukoni cab ekkuthadu. Malli avvi complete chesi vethadu. Anthe!
Short Tempered Colleague ‘Badri’ – (Badri)
Maatladithe tiragabadathadu. Matladakapoina, why aren’t you listening to our plea ani malli tiragabadathadu.
Show Off Colleague ‘Gabbar Singh’ (Gabbar Singh)
Hulchul chese candidate anna maata
Now you know if you tease your boss and he gets angry, tell him you compared him with Pawan Kalyan and it wasn’t meant to tease him. 😉