People Going to Begum Bazar, Here Are The Do’s and Don’ts Of Having Bhaang This Holi

As one goes inside the lane opposite to Mozamzahi market and adjacent to Karachi Bakery, the usual Begum Bazaar on the day of Holi transpires to become the asli place for having bhaang. The tradition of having bhaang during Holi and start the celebrations has been in the city for over few years now. The otherwise herbal intoxicant, whose ‘trip’ is supposed to last for over a day and which is not found on other days is made available exclusively on the day of Holi at the Begum Bazaar.

While we wish you have a colourful trip this holi. We just wanted to ensure the do’s and don’ts before some nirvana happens this holi with bhaang.

The Do’s:

  • Do go with your friends. Do not go alone. Chances of people cheating you at Begum Bazaar is high. And if you get high, you atleast need a company to get back home somehow.
  • Take a proper mixture of sweeteners to mix the bhaang. Swallowing it bitter will ruin your taste buds which will inversely affect you once you are high.
  • Don’t have it on empty stomach. Bhaang needs to get digested. So, have food prior to having bhaang. Trust me your ‘trip’ will be amazing.

The Don’ts :

  • Don’t just swallow the ball or goli. It is not only bitter that it will make you puke, but if had directly there are high chances you will black out soon and loose out on the enjoyment.
  • Don’t mix alcohol. It will screw your bhaang experience.
  • Don’t drive. Everyone will have friends who will not have bhaang. For this Holi day, make him/her your best friend 😉
  • Don’t over do it thinking it is not affecting you instantly. It obviously won’t. It’s not alcohol. Be patient to get high. You are going to stay up there for atleast rest of the day.

Have a bhaang bhaang Holi!!

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