8 Things Only People Who Are Deeply In Love With Chai Relate To


Chai is not just a hot drink, but an emotion to many people. Manalo chala mandiki badochina, tension, vachina, anandam vachina first chese pani, Chai tagadam. They never say No to this drink. So, here we are sharing few things that only relate to people who addicted to it.

1. Meru almost all varieties of tea taste chesi untaru. You know exactly what is famous where.1 Chai Lovers
2. Meku tea ni hate chesevallu asalu ardam karu.2 Chai Lovers
3. You definitely don’t like places that have 99 varieties of coffee and 2 varieties of tea.3 Chai Lovers
4. Meru entha irritation lo unna one cup of tea will definitely change your mood completely. 4 Chai Lovers
5. City lo best tea ekada dorukutundo and different varieties ekada dorukutayo, you have a complete list of it.5 Chai Lovers
6. When it rains, people look for cover but you look for tea.6 Chai Lovers
7. Okkaroju tea tagakapotey, you feel like the dead.7 Chai Lovers
8. People who love tea, are your best friends.8 Chai Lovers