11 Things only people who love spicy food will relate to


Sweet, salty, spicy are some tastes that our taste buds crave for. Kani edi ekva aina kuda chaala mandi ki nachadu. But there are some people who love extremely spicy food. Here are a few things such people will agree to.

1. We are not allowed to order food when we go out with our friends or family.1_spicy-food-lovers
2. Edaina food order chesthe, adi extremely spicy untadi and people will eat less and drink more water.2_spicy-food-lovers
3. Mana kitchen lo racks are filled with different kinds or sauces or spices that add spicy food.3_spicy-food-lovers
4. Manam edi order cheshna kuda, we make sure last lo “EXTRA SPICY” ani cheppadam.4_spicy-food-lovers
5. Pasta cheskunte, chilli flakes ni nimpestham!5_spicy-food-lovers
6. You feel comfortable eating that kind of food where as people throw out fire from their mouths, stomachs and ears6_spicy-food-lovers
7. Edaina weddings lo or functions lo people avoid a kind of food that is way too spicy and you are the only one on that counter.7_spicy-food-lovers
8. Idli cheskunte, karam podi 5 times extra veskuntam8_spicy-food-lovers
9. Spicy leni mirchi’s unte, mana curries lo veggies takva mirchies ekva untay.9_spicy-food-lovers
10. Manam spicy baaga tinnaka if we forget to clean our hands and put them anywhere on our face or eyes, we are gone, we are gone I say!10_spicy-food-lovers
11. People always look at us without being able to understand how our stomachs support food.11_spicy-food-lovers