People’s Capital Amaravathi Is Hosting World Powerboat Championship For The First Time

Ee title chadiventha varaku boating lo kuda F1 race untadi anna vishayame teliyadu kada even naku kuda teliyadu. Formula 1 Race ante cars and bikes untayi ani anukunna but teliyani vishayam enti boating F1 race okati untundi ani. Idi kuda ela telsindi ante Andhra Pradesh capital city Amaravathi lo wednesday roju boating F1 race curtain raiser jarigaka.

People's Capital Amaravathi

F1H2O ante enti? Powerhouse Boat championship eppudu start aindi ?

Yes name tho parichayam unna ee boating Formula1 Powerboat World Championship ippudu kotthaga start chesindi kadu 1981 lone inaugural chesaru. Appati nundi different countries lo jarugutuna ee Formula 1 Powerboat World Championship 14 years back 2004 lo mana Mumbai lo kuda conduct chesaru.

People's Capital Amaravathi
F1H2O is the only event to be recognised by the International Olympic Committee. Organisers say that this was an Olympic event long ago and that they are trying to revive it.

1981 lo start ayyina ee championship ippativaraku continue ga jarguthu vastundi except 1987-89 lo conduct cheyaledu. Ippudu 14 years taruvatha malli India lo Amaravathi lo jargutundi. And ee event kosam 12 countries nundi 19 F1 boat racers and 9 Formula 4 drivers Amaravathi city lo land ayyaru along with them 21 large containers carrying 10 Formula 1 boats and 10 Formula 4 boats, from the Krishnapatnam port also arrived in the city.

People's Capital Amaravathi

Krishna River lo 23 kms race length kuda ready chesaru and Sweden’s Jonas Andersson and Erik Edin ane International racers Indian side nundi Team Amaravathi nundi ee race lo participate chestunnaru. Carnival laga jarige ee event lo Andhra Pradesh government other exciting factors like dance performances, showcase the arts, culture and cuisines of local places to foreigners.

International Motor Sports Is Inuagrated By Chandra Babu Naidu and Tourism Minister Akhila Priya

People's Capital Amaravathi

Ee roju Chief Minister Chandra Babu Naidu tana wife, son Lokesh and grandson Devansh and Minister Akhila priya kalisi ee International league ee roju launch chesaru. November 16th, 17th and 18th three days jarugutunna ee league ni chudadaniki capital city Amaravathi lo public huge ga vastunnaru

And there is negativity around this World Championship from people and political parties

Ee league ki intha money invest cheyadam badulu Government schools ni renovate cheyadam or poor people ki help cheyadam or capital city kosam aa money cheyochu kada antu some ordinary people and political parties nundi kuda different opinions vastunayi. Any how ippude ippude develop avtunna Capital city lo ilanti events jargadam valla worldwide ga countires and corporate companies lo attention create cheyochu and indirect ga Capital city ki ee event fetch ayye vishayam.

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