9 Perks you enjoy being the youngest in the family


Being the youngest child will forever have its perks; whether you’re 5, 40 or 60 they’ll still call you ‘monu’.Apart from the occasional bullying and poking from elder sibs life is exceptionally good for the younger one.

1. You always get that extra piece of chocolateyoungest

Even when you are a 50-year-old diabetic patient you’ll still win that piece.

2.Always win the blame game.youngest

Every time the windows or vases shatter the blame is automatically pinned onto the elder one, because you are still too innocent to understand that some things broken remain broken(#deep). And you continue to break things.

3.Hands-on everything!youngest

You are naturally the heir to all of his or her clothes, shoes, books, accessories, pencil, pen, eraser and on goes the list.Though you’re always a little mad about the hand-me-down clothes you realize you’ve so many clothes that their wardrobe can fit in your drawer.

4.Never financially thrown out of balanceyoungest

They will always have your back.During college days my brother used to sneak in some money every now and then so I wouldn’t be college-broke surviving on noodles.

5.Lifelong therapistyoungest

Somebody to go to for matters from love to math problems because of experience over anything.Even if they spurt out stupid things, at the end of the day it will work out, for some reason.

6.Learn from their mistakesyoungest

Remember that one time your brother snuck out with dad’s car at night and then came back and parked it elsewhere? Yeah, never do that.

7.Your parents have already gone through the hard trail with your sibling so they are so much more chiller with you.7 - chiller

So when parents find out you’re going out with someone it’s not that devastating because your brother just broke up for the twelfth time.

8.You build a tough skin and a great sense of humour8 - sense of humor

All the poking and teasing finally meant some good‎; leaving you mature and tough.It’s a given that when you were young you thought they were the coolest( still are) and did all sorts of clowning to make them laugh.And that sense of humour stuck with you, for life.

9.Your only henchman.9 - hense

They will go to any extent just to have your back when things screw up, because nobody messes with you but them.