Phrases that Indian English contains that absolutely are pointless


1. Actually and basically are the two words that tell we can talk in English!1-indian-english-1Actually, I am used to hearing the word so many times that I have started to use it everywhere.

2. Good name1-indian-english-2To everyone’s knowledge, a person has just one name. He cannot have a good name and a bad name. So please do not ask anyone for their ‘good name’.

3. Passing out of college1-indian-english-3This is hilarious because if u have scored around 80% in your college and still say, “I passed out of college”, it can mean you have graduated with the just the borderline.
Use the word ‘Graduated’.

4. Like that only1-indian-english-4This is the ‘phunniest’ phrase added at the ending of some sentences or starting or anywhere we like to.
We will talk like that only. You any problem?

5. Brother-in-laws1-indian-english-5How many times have you married the same person to make his/her brother to get legally tied to you? Plural of brother-in law will always be brothers-in-law.

6. Cousin sister, cousin brother1-indian-english-6Cousin means your aunt’s or uncle’s son/daughter. It is gender neutral. It will just be ‘Cousin’

7. Would be1-indian-english-7I know it feels so incomplete. It is how people try addressing their fiancées.

8. Revert back1-indian-english-8Revert means to get back to the previous condition. So reverting back will mean you get back twice. Not making proper sense, right?

9. Do one thing1-indian-english-9No. No. I would be ready to do more than one thing.

10. Real sister/ Read brother1-indian-english-10In reality, we are not living in movies. So my sister or brother are real.