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Pitta Katha : A Rooster’s Drama You’ve Never Watched!!


A short movie is all about telling you a story in the shortest and most impressive way. Most of our movies are revolved around human interests and social issues. But, going a step beyond Klapboard Production has come up with a touching drama of a rooster.

A rooster or a cock as we usually call is the first to wake us up in the mornings. The relation we share with it goes back to ages. As co-existing beings of this planet, we do depend on them for food. But, never did we care to look into what goes on inside their heads. We barely even get the slightest of such thought. This short film exactly elaborates on this point and weaves it into a social issue mildly addressing farmers.

In days where we see the usual dramas around love and marriages, the team has chosen a rooster to tell their story. Kudos to the team for attempting such stuff. And special mention to the rooster (not sure if it knew that it acted, but smartly executed). The short film is out and has already garnered decent viewership for the unique plot it has in place. The film is directed by Pradeep Meesala and produced by RK Nallam of Klapboard Production.

Here is the link. Watch it for the rooster 😉 you will love it!


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