8 Places Across The World That You Are NOT Advised To Visit


By Saptarishi Sarkar

The Earth is a fascinating ball of mysteries, with so much to explore and understand its vast landscape. There are places where you have to be to appreciate the beauty of nature and then there are places you should never be because few stories in life are better left untold.
Here are some places from all over the world where you should never visit:

Area 51, North America

Area 51, North America-Places not advised to visit

Better known as ‘the worst kept secret’ area 51 is a remote detachment of Edward Airforce Base build inside the periphery of Nevada Test and Training Range. The base was used for testing experimental aircraft and weapons for the U.S military, however, the present purpose of the base is unknown and is highly guarded. The intense secrecy of the place made it the subject of UFO stories and conspiracy theories.Whatever they are hiding there, they are very careful about it!

North Sentinel Island, Andaman Islands, India

North Sentinel Island, Andaman Islands, India-Places not advised to visit

Some places are better left untouched by the modernity of our society. At a time when we thought primitive tribes are extinct, there came this Sentinelese, a native tribe of the North Sentinel Island, who came into the limelight in 2006 after they killed 2 fishermen who illegally landed on their island.

Snake Island, Off Shore Sao Paolo, Brazil

Snake Island, Off Shore Sao Paolo, Brazil-Places not advised to visit

Ilha da Queimada Grande aka ‘Snake Island’ is the home of a thousand variety of snakes and the native and endangered species of Bothrops insularis, The Golden Lancehead Snake! Needless to say, this is the creepiest and dangerous place to be, if the government allows it. Yes, the island has been closed to public and is only open to researchers.

Tunguska Event Site, Siberia, Russian Empire

Tunguska Event Site, Siberia, Russian Empire-Places not advised to visit

This is by far the most mysterious place on earth after the Bermuda Triangle that made it to the list of places not to be. In the morning of 1906, a massive explosion shook a quarter of the globe. Nobody knows how or why the explosion happened, only theories of meteorites bursting mid air have been around. It surfaced an enormous area of 2000 km2. The shockwaves were so strong that it was felt and recorded in the Great Britain which was equivalent to seismic waves of 5.0 Richter scale earthquake.

Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul, Turkey-Places not advised to visit

Many of you might never guess why this beautiful place made it to the list of non-visitable places. Well, it’s more of a geological and dormant concern than a direct threat. The North Anatolian Fault is on the verge of rupturing according to geologists, but nobody knows when. The rapture will cause total devastation to the people of Istanbul which is predicted to occur within 25 years.

Java and Sumatra, Indonesia

Java and Sumatra, Indonesia-Places not advised to visit

A place of utter destruction due to natural hazards like earthquake, tsunami, landslides, volcanos and drought, these two islands are the most tormented places on earth. The most famous, or rather infamous one being the 9.1 Richter scale, 2004 Indian ocean tsunami that devasted the coastlines of India, Indonesia, Malaysia and all other neighbouring countries.

Naples, Italy

Naples, Italy-Places not advised to visit

Built on the ashes of the ancient city of Pompei and Herculaneum this beautiful city of Naples is sitting on the slopes of a time bomb, The Mount Vesuvius. In 79 A.D Mt. Vesuvius erupted, swallowing the cities of Pompei and Herculaneum and burning them into ashes. An estimated 650 thousand inhabitants live in its slope and an impending eruption can cause the evacuation of all its inhabitants.

Bermuda Triangle, Bermuda

Bermuda Triangle, Bermuda-Places not advised to visit

The Devil’s Triangle as it is called is the greatest mystery of the modern world. Hundreds of aircraft and ships have been reported missing in the triangular area in the Atlantic Ocean with Bermuda, Puerto Rico and Miami at its vertexes. A 500,000 sq. miles of pure uncertainty, a perfect example of a place you definitely shouldn’t be wandering about.

The list can go on as the earth is both a beautiful artefact and a dangerous trap, depends on what and how you decide to see it.