Take A Look At These 6 Places On Earth Where Gravity Does Not Seem To Exist

Gravity: the natural force that makes things fall to the ground when you drop them

According to the universal law of gravitation, any 2 bodies attract each other, and this is what keeps us attached to Earth. But there are certain places on Earth where this law doesn’t apply?

Here we provide you such 6 places on Earth where Gravity does not seem to exist

1) The Reverse Waterfall, England

Here the water doesn’t flow down, instead of the water flow upwards, the water flows in reverse. The reason behind this is the wind. The wind blowing at this place is so strong that the water which flows downwards is caught by the wind and pushed back backward.


2) A House of mysteries in Oregon, US

The Native Americans described this area as the “Forbidden Ground”, a place which is to be avoided.

There is an isolated cabin situated in a deep forest constructed not far from the mystical Oregon Vortex. They believe that this place has some kind of globular force field present in this place, it makes visitors unusually feel the reality, walking in this place is just not possible. Here the visitor needs to hold on to the walls to prevent themselves from falling into the sea.


3) The Road at the foot of Mount Aragats In Armenia

This mountain is situated on the border of Turkey and Armenia, if you turn off the engine of your car at the bottom of the mountain, your car will go uphill by itself, you just don’t need to drive it!


4) Hoover Dam In Nevada, US

If you climb this dam and throw any kind of object downwards from that dam, the object will also float upwards instead of falling downwards. The reason behind objects floating upwards is the strong air that flows at this place.


5) Devils Tower, Wyoming, US

This mountain contains steep walls, it makes it impossible for hikers to reach the top of the mountain and makes it even more difficult to come back.


6) The Mysterious Road In South Korea

The cans and the empty bottles left on this road roll uphill instead of rolling downwards.

7) North Coast Road In Trinidad, West Indies

Here, if you throw water on the road, it runs uphill, or put your car in neutral it goes uphill on its ow

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