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How Well Do You Know About The Places & Things Printed On Indian Currency? Read To Find Out


Mana Indian Currency notes meedha konni places or things ni print chestundi Reserve Bank Of India. Ala kotthaga vacchina anni new notes meedha some new places and things print chesi release chesina currency manamantha ippudu use chestunnamu. Aithe indulo entha mandiki 100 rupees note meedha unna structure enti ? adi ekkada undi ? anevi telusu ante emo antaru..?

So andhuke new and old Indian Currency meedha unna some places and things ento oka sari cheppe prayatanam chesamu…because telusukovadam mukhyam kadha…so chuseyandi.

1. Sun Temple on Old 10 Rs Note

Manam antha ekkuvaga use chesina chestunna old 10 Rupees note la meedha Odissa loni Konark Sun Temple print untundi. Hindu tradition lo Sun ni devudi ga poojistharu andhuke ala kattina ee temple lo 24 chakras…day loni 24 hours ni resemble chesthe 7 horses in the temple emo weeko lo 7 days ki prathika.

Ila Hindu tradition ki symbolic ane kadhu architecture paranga idi unique history unna Konark Sun temple ni RBI 10 rupees note meedha print chesindi. Kani ippudu ippudu ee print tho vacche 10 rs note printing apesaru.

2. Andaman Nicobar on Old 20 Rupees Note & Ellora Caves on New Note

Konchem red and orange color lo unde old 20 rs note meedha…back side Andaman Nicobar Islands with Port Blair light house untayi. Union territory India ki manchi tourist ga nilichipoina ee Islands ni mana 20 Rs note meedha print chesindi RBI.

3. Parliament on 50 Rupees Old Note & Hampi on New Note

Ika old 50 rupees note meedha mana Indian Parliament undedhi. Ippudu kotthaga vastunna 50 rupees note meedha emo…Ellora caves and note kuda new color and dimensions lo vacchindi. Maharastra loni Aurangabad lo unna Ellora Caves one of the heritage sites in the World recognised by UNESCO. Cave 16, in particular, features the largest single monolithic rock excavation in the world, the Kailasa temple, a chariot shaped monument dedicated to Lord Shiva.

4. Kanchenjunga Mountain on Old 100 Rs Note & Rani Ki Vav on New Note

Manamntha okappudu use chesina old 1oo Rs note paina backside oka mountain print unedi. Aa mountain maredho kadhu India’s highest peak Kanchenjunga is the third highest mountain in the world. It rises with an elevation of 8,586 m (28,169 ft) in a section of the Himalayas.

Ika kotthaga vacchina lavender color 100 rupees note backside 11th century Rani Ki Vav’ i architectural wonder built in the memory of King Bhimdev ni print chesindi RBI. Rani Ki Vav’ antey ‘Queens Step Well’ ani ardam. 1050 AD lo construct chesina ee temple chudadaniki well designed Well la untundi. Seven layers of beautiful pillars meedha mythological sculptures unna ee construction one of the oldest and finest heritage in our nation. Present ippudu Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), under lo unna ee historical place 2014 lo UNESCO dwara World Heritage Sites lo okati ga approve aindi.

5. Sanchi Stupa on Newly Introduced 200 Rupees note

Demonetisation taruvatha RBI introduce chesina 200 rupees note back side lo Sanchi Stupa impression untundi. Madhya Pradesh loni Sanchi ane place lo kattina oldest Buddist cultural place Stupa. The Great Stupa at Sanchi is one of the oldest stone structures in India, and an important monument of Indian Architecture. It was originally commissioned by the emperor Ashoka in the 3rd century BCE.

6. Dandi March Impression on Old 500 Rs Note & Red Fort on new Note

Old 500 rupees note meedha Dandi March also known as Salt SatyaGraha which played an important role in Indian freedom ki gurthuga aa impression ni 5oo rupees note meedha print chesaru.

Ika kotthaga vacchina 500 rupees note meedha Red Fort untundi. Constructed in 1639 by the fifth Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan as the palace of his fortified capital Shahjahanabad, the Red Fort is named for its massive enclosing walls of red sandstone.It was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2007 as part of the Red Fort Complex.

7. Multiple impressions on Old 1000 rupees note

Demonetisation taruvatha ban chesina 1000 rupees old note backside oil rig, a satellite and a steel foundry undevi avi anni kalisi Indian Economy lo play chestunna importance ni convey chese laga design chesaru RBI.

8. Mangalyaan on 2000 Rupees Note

Ika kotthaga for the first time 2000 rupees note ni introduce chesina RBI ee note backside lo Indian Space Research pride ga nilichina ISRO’s Mangalyaan space vehicle AKA Mars Orbiter Mission ni introduce chesindi. Ee orbiter successfully ga Mars ki reach ayyi first Asian country ga history create chesindi.

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