Places In India Where Indians Are Still Not Allowed To Enter..Yikes..!!

Indians have made their mark globally. Be it in business or in the culinary arts, Indians are well recognised and welcomes.  It isn’t often that Indians get turned away. However did you know that there are still some places within India itself where entry of an Indian citizens is restricted or completely banned. These 4 places have their ‘No Entry’ Signs up read on :


Uno-In Hotel, Bangalore :

Uno-In-HotelThough the reportedly only Japanese hotel in the city suburbs has been closed down in 2015 it still has a strange history attached to it. Situated on Langford Cross Road in Shanthinagar, Hotel Uno-In, which also houses a Japanese rooftop restaurant called Teppen, has a policy of not allowing access to Indians, or for that matter, any other non-Japanese nationals. Indians were categorically not allowed to have dinners and lunches here.

Free Kasol Cafe, Kasol 

maxresdefaultKasol is one of the most loved tourist spots in India and for obvious reasons. A peaceful getaway from the hustle-bustle of city life, this quiet recluse offers peace and quiet like no other.  But what do you do when someone tries to dent your calm retreat by blatantly discriminating against you? We recently came across a Facebook post that reveals how an Israeli restaurant, ‘Free Kasol’ refuses to serve Indian customers. Just because the owner’s loyalty lies with foreigners!

“Foreigners Only” beaches in Goa

136799184A number of beach shack owners in Goa openly discriminate against Indian beach-goers. They justify it by saying they’re “saving beachwear-clad foreign guests from lusty gazes”, presumably because only Indians are capable of “lusty gazes”.

Pondicherry’s “Foreigners Only” beaches

lifestyle04After Goa, Pondicherry is probably one of the most famous coastal getaways in India. The pristine beaches surrounded by the beautiful French and and Indian architecture make it a preferred location for both Indians and foreigners. But just like in Goa some beaches have been demarcated exclusively for “Foreign Nationals ” .

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