10 Places where your phone should be in silent or turned off


Cell phones have become the fourth entry in basic necessities of life with Food, Clothing, and Shelter. It has become an inseparable part of our daily existence. The smartphones give you the freedom to customize your ringtones, caller tunes and much more. It also has a feature that most of us seldom use – the silent mode. Our phones are in most cases never on silent and that one time when we chose to give its volume a rest, it goes missing. Locating a phone on silent is the biggest treasure hunt. It is then one swears to refrain from putting it on the silent mode. Yet there are few places where it is common etiquette to put our phones on the silent mode or better still turn it off. We list down ten such places:


When someone is remembering the loved one they have lost the last thing they want to hear is a Bollywood song play as someone’s phone rings. People should be allowed to grieve in peace. So give your phone a rest at a funeral or shok sabha please.

Meeting:Imagine this – Your CEO asks your opinion on a strategic business decision and while you take a moment to put your thoughts to words your phone rings. To avoid the embarrassment make sure the phone is on silent while you are in a meeting room.

Seminar:silentA seminar is a place where a bunch of students or people gather to listen to a speaker talk on a specific topic. At such a gathering the only thing that should be audible should be the speakers voice. Let your phone’s ringtone not drown his voice.

Classroom:silentGone are the days when phones were not allowed in educational institute’s premises. Rules are relaxing and hence it becomes our duty to exercise some restrain. Let the phone ringing not disturb the class. Put it on silent and chat away to glory under the desk!

Library:silent Library symbolizes the phrase – ‘pin drop silence’. It is one such place where people go to seek calm and peace so they can concentrate. Spare the poor silence-lovers some horror and switch off your phones as the vibrate mode might also be heard here.

Hospital:silentWith wards full of people howling in pain, some trying to get the much-needed rest and newborn’s first cry, the hospital is full of different sounds. The last thing one would want is to add a phone’s ringtone to the mix.

Church/Temple/Mosque:7 - churchA phone ringing at a religious place, even if it is a devotional song you have as a ringtone, is just not acceptable.

Theater:8 - theaterThere is a special announcement at the start of a show requesting everyone at the theater to put their phones on the silent mode. Let’s pay heed to that and not end up having our ringtone become the background music for the climax scene.

While Sleeping:9 - sleep Sleeping with your phone next to you can be hazardous. It not only will keep you awake but it is said to emit small doses of electromagnetic radiations that are in the long run harmful to your health. Do yourself a favor and switch off the phone while going to bed.

While Driving:10 - DrivingMany accidents are caused due to the driver being distracted by his or her phone. If you value your life put the phone on silent mode and concentrate on safety reaching your destination.