Pokemon GO : 5 Reasons Why You Are The Best If You Own It


By Aliza Virani

Sixteen, Eighteen, Twenty-one or Twenty-five; the thread that joins us at this moment is Pokemon GO.
This Game by Nintendo has changed our physical life and then a chosen fews monetory life and Oh How!!

Today, Wirally brings to you this special edition on Pokemon GO and why you are the best if you own it:

a. Reminiscence:


Come back from school, eat lunch, take a really tiny nap and switch on the TV. Bliss reached my ear when I heard Pikachu say Pika Pika to me every evening. Pokemon then became a status of symbol and Ash’s journey became my journey. And Today I can see them all.. Own them all.. I didn’t know Modi meant this when he said “Ache Din Aane Waale Hai.”

b. Walk it Away:

Walk it Away

While the world is worried about how to make us active, Nintendo just demonstrated it to the world upped its Swagger Quotient. People are walking Kilometers and Miles to catch Pokemons from each corner of the world. To the Left, To the right and then straight ahead!

c. Competitiveness: 


Add one spoon of energy, a pinch of motivation and a few drops of positive attitude. This is the recipe to competition and the right kind of it. In this world where giving up is the easiest option and being competitive is all about pulling the other person down, Nintendo and Pokemon GO just wrote back the basics to us.

d. Bonding:


These Pokemon hunts have just redefined Friendship Goals and Bro and Sis Codes for us. Its just a great way to bond, chill and walk away together. Chuck the Booze, Chuck the Pot! We are getting high on Togepy Egg, Charmander Fire and JigglyPuff Music today!

e. Social Skills Development:

Social Skills Development

Reports have shown that the coming of Pokemon GO has not only marked the formation of the biggest gaming community but is also making a lot of people talk to other people. In this world where one cares none for another, this one game is making You talk to others. Like seriously, is there something Pokemon GO cannot do?

Wohoooo!! Look what I just found.. My 30th Pokemon!!
Oh Hello..Where are You going?
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I’ll hunt some more till then.