Pooja vs Rashmika: 10 Present Gen Heroines & Their Remunerations

Pooja Hedge vs Rashmika Mandanna, tollywood lo ee heroines madhya ne No.1 race jarugutundi present, konchem Pooja Hedge ne mundu undi endukante tanu future lo chestunna projects ala unnai mari. So unofficially Pooja Hedge is the present No.1 heroine in Tollywood. Of course mana Sam & Sweety unnaru lendi, but vaalu ippudu mainstream cinema lu chese chances chala takkuva kabatti let’s leave them out of the race. And inka remunerations chuste kuda Pooja Hedge ye ne No.1 uu, blockbuster taruvatha blockbuster kodutundi akkada. And prathi actor and actress movie remunerations aa movie taaluka budgets and veelu iche dates batti chala changes untai, so avanni drustilo pettukoni, from various sources nunchi data collect chesi we are just giving you a round up figure anamaata.

So, ivala let’s take a look at the ‘Top 10’ telugu heroines on the basis of Remuneration.

1. Pooja Hedge – 2.75 Cr

Chala cinema lu unnai present thana hands lo, and moreover she is giving hit after hit, so project batti remuneration vary avuddi, but present aithe Pooja ne most remuneration teesukune tollywood heroine.

2. Nayanthara – 2.5 Cr – 3 Cr

The lady superstar telugu lo chesedi takkuva movies ye aina, she never lost the stardom here.

3. Rashmika Mandanna – 2 Cr +

Pooja Hedge ki gatti potti istunna heroine Rashmika. Tollywood No. 1 heroine war veeliddari madhye nadustundi present. Rashmika ki kuda so many projects unnai present.

4. Sai Pallavi – 2 Cr +

Sai Pallavi cinema batti remuneration teesukuntaru, entha mandi heroines unna present Sai Pallavi ki unna craze aithe match cheyyaleru, that’s the truth.

5. Anushka – 2 Cr +

Cinema lu chesina cheyyakapoina, she is the queen. Jejamma, Jejamma.

6. Samantha – 2 Cr +

And Sam kuda mainstream films complete ga aapesindi. I think only lady oriented and content based movies chestundi emo ika nunchi. I think Sam 2.0 has just started, and she is going to give us some of the best performances we’ve ever seen.

7. Keerthy Suresh – 1.5 Cr

Keerthy Suresh varusa flops tho with her own choice of disaster films kastha venakki vellasi vachindi race lo. Keerthy, you’re our Mahanati come back strong.

8. Shruthi Hassan – 1 Cr

Inka pedda heroes ki perfect choice ayyi poina Shruthi Hassan movie ki 1 Cr teesukuntaru.

9. Rakul Preet Singh – 1 Cr

And Rakul kuda 1 Cr teesukuntundi. Ee madhya films chala taggipoyayi Rakul vi.

10. Trisha – 1 Cr

The evergreen Trisha gurinchi enni cheppina takkuve. Unofficial ga she is the No.1 in our hearts.

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