Poorna – A movie inspired on Real Events


Telangana Hailed Girl plays the role of Malavath Poorna, the youngest girl to climb the Everest. Biographical films are a trend now. A lot of films have come up and more are on their way to get on the screen. Here is a film on Malavath Poorna, the youngest girl (13-years- old) to climb the Mount Everest. This is one movie that needs no huge names, money and cast. It just needs hearts to watch and take inspiration from this girl who achieved what no one could. Rahul Bose is one of the casts and also the director, producer for this film. According to Rahul Bose, “It’s a story that every girl child from a backward community should see and also every privileged child. In fact, it’s a film for everybody because what these two kids achieved was staggering,” he added. The lad playing the role of Poorna is Aditi Inamdar, from Telangana.

Watch this mind-boggling trailer of a girl, Poorna.